Player Pathway

School Years R, 1 and 2

Canterbury Eagles’ Saturday Soccer programme, held at St Stephen’s School on Saturday mornings from 10-11am, provides boys and girls with the opportunity to improve their football skills, under the guidance of experienced football coaches. Children will develop the skills and techniques that they will need for their next step on the footballing ladder. A typical session includes a fun warm up game, technical practice, skills practice and small-sided games.

Mini Football (ages 7-11)

We aim to deliver through coaching, practice and matches a positive learning environment for all young footballers, and supports the FA initiatives of ‘non-competitive’ leagues. Coaching and playing priorities for these age groups include:

  • “The A, B, C’s” – development of Agility, Balance and Coordination
  • Encouragement of creativity and risk-taking
  • Opportunities for success for all players
  • Focus on individual needs of each player
  • Opportunities to play – positional rotation and equal playing time

Youth Football (Ages 12-16)

We run multiple age group teams playing competitive 11-a-side football. The coaching and playing priorities for these age groups include:

  • Ensuring coaching is practical and relevant to ability levels
  • Appropriate tactical instruction
  • Position specific practice
  • Player self-reflection and analysis
  • Encouragement of creativity

Senior Football (16+)

We continue to provide a friendly and supportive environment in which to enjoy playing football into adulthood. Our senior team will compete in the newly formed East Kent Under 21 League this season, a transitional stage between youth and adult football.